Thursday, June 22, 2017

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Deep Winter Blues....


This is that turning point in the winter months when the darkness seems to stay too long and the funks hang around too much. Today, was the first time I actually felt the sun on my face; just enjoying the feeling of having the heat touch my skin.  I closed my eyes and faced the sun and it felt brand new.

I have bags.
I have baggage.
I often go through my bags.
They are full of items from my past.
 I touch those items to feel the memory of that time or place.

I'm very much ready for winter to be over. I"m just over it. The cold is too much for me. I'm tired of my joints hurting, my back hurting, feeling like the heat is being sucked from my body.

I watched a very interesting movie last night called the Gates of Hell. It won an Oscar for best foreign film back in the 50's. If you get chance, you should watch it.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

My household has it.  My father is still struggles with aging and having Cancer and all that comes with it. My mother is healing from surgery and is not feeling much like herself. I, honestly, feel like I am stuck in rut helping to care for both of my parents and the house. Just run down...

I'm not painting or writing as much I as should/need to social life. My mental and physical health are suffering as a result. I've been trying to re think what I do in my art and how I express myself. Of course, it doesn't help that I have aggravated an injury in my right hand. I haven't had hand cramps this bad since my art school days. The injury is such that I have a hard time gripping things/ holding onto things. Very annoying.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

This is the year I learn to blog better. To keep a better journal of me.
This morning I tried oil pulling for the third time. I think I did it for long enough. We will see if I start to feel better or how my health changes as I continue on. I’ve been taking multivitamins too. Trying to keep my hair and skin hydrated in the cold weather has been a challenge but I’m doing it.
I got a new phone on my Mom’s family plan. It is the Nokia Lumia (not the newest one). We upgraded her phone too. She said she wanted to hip and more with it. She held onto her Motorola Razr for longtime. 
My mother is healing well. The doctor said she should be ready for work by Feb. 1st. My Dad seems more depressed. It could be weather related. He likes to be outside, but it is far too cold for him to be outdoors for too long. We do our best to keep his spirits up.
In my dreams, recently, I’ve been doing a lot painting and animating. Perhaps my subconscious is telling me I need to do more projects, or commit myself to more projects. 
I need to post more pictures and maybe a video or two.
 If I don’t get more info regarding my medical insurance this week, I’ll have to call someone…
If the hold on my bank account isn’t lifted soon, I’m going to have to call. Have an idea as to why things are moving so slow and I’m like, “REALLY?!” This is year is starting out ridiculously. My life is so farcical sometimes. 
I had a killer migraine earlier. I could bare see straight and wanted to go right to bed. I took two tylenol and the pain went away, but I still felt gross.
I have chronic illnesses, but I normally don’t just get “sick” and I certainly never look sick. So, when I am sick people think I’m being melodramatic and stuff. Luckily, my family knows better. Then kinda freak out whenever I complain about headpain or any type of aches.
So, tonight I can’t really sleep simply because I have too much on my mind. Things are not clear.
I try not to expose myself to things/situations that don’t help me grow as an artist or a person. But I do have a few TV guilty pleasures. Shahs of Sunset is one of them.  I don’t know where Bravo finds the folks for any of their shows, but this bunch of people are some of the most extreme. I love learning about the people and how they go on about their lives.
Asa is probably my favorite. Her mystical/magical self is great. Also like Reza and his moustache. Anyway, Asa has her diamond water and her visual art and her music and has been dating a Jackson. Super stuff.
After last night episode, I am seriously wondering what is that Mike thinks Reza did that stabbed him in the back. I don’t mean the whole attacking Sasha thing. Mike was awesome for standing up for/with Sasha when Reza just lost his shit. Yeah, I want more info about why Mike is so angry at Reza.